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Annoying Things about iPhone 11 series

The most awaited Apple event which was held, on September 10, 2019, at the Steve Jobs Theatre in the Apple Park campus introduced the brand new iPhone 11 series along with many other assets like Apple TV, Apple watches and a lot more. The iPhone 11 lineup seems to be very futuristic but there are some annoying things regarding this series which one must be aware of.

Outdated Charging Technology

Though Apple has superseded that 5 Watt charger with 18 Watt charger in the box, but that's not a big deal if we compare this charging technology with other mobile models which lie in the i-11 price segment. Note 10 and plus are having the support of 45 Watt supercharging which makes them worth switching to. According to my perspective, one may not be happy after spending a hell of money on the world's most adorable phone and would just get 18 Watt charger in the box.

No 5G Support

The upcoming era will be the time of 5G network and we are at the verge of it. Everything will be supported by the 5G and the i-11 series was supposed to support 5G but that's not the case. How annoying it would be to use a 4G iPhone in 2020 where every mobile technology will be equipped with the support of 5G. Would you prefer to spend already spent money on a 5G phone then? If I have to choose one among the note 10 plus and iPhone 11 then I would definitely go for note 10 plus 5G variant.

Weird Camera Setup

Believe it or not, the iPhone 11 series do have the worst triple camera design alike honeycomb. Isn't it? Not fair. What your perspective? Comment below in the comment box.

Nasty Notch

I possess Redmi note 7 pro and it's worth 14,000 rupees. Interestingly my phone is not having a notch like iPhone 11 series, which makes the i-11 series out-fashioned for one to buy. Additionally, at this price segment, every company is providing more than 90% screen-to-body ratio and i-11 series isn't even close to it. Similar in style to its previous generation.

Anonymous Batteries

You may be wondering that why am I calling batteries anonymous, it's because batteries of i-11 series were not disclosed in the Apple event. Instead, given statements about batteries were like "it's more than the X kind of model" and that's not what is being expected from such an immense company for its users as it sounds weird. In fact, batteries are less than 4,000 mAh as per some sources.

Not important to be mentioned, my phone is having 4k mAh battery and it would costs you just 14K rupees.


Unless you are having a need for vlogging or you are a tech geek, it's not worth buying iPhone 11 models because meager changes have been performed to this lineup. Instead, one may opt S10, note 10 or plus. If you are stubborn for the iPhones than it's better to wait for the launch of 5G iPhone variants in the near future.

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