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Xiaomi RO + UV Smart Water Purifier


  • Xiaomi unveiled its smart water purifier in the event held today.
  • The official pricing is set to be at 11,999 rupees.
  • It is the "Penta Purification Process" through which the water is being purified by the purifier.

In addition to the launch of Xiaomi TVsMi Band 4 and its Motion Activated Night Light 2 in the Smarter Living 2020 event held today at 12:00 PM (IST), Xiaomi also launched its Smart RO + UV Water Purifier with the tagline, "Truly Smart, Truly Sage, Truly Convenient". It is being designed with a minimalistic approach as it is not messy in design like purifiers of other companies and that's what has made this purifier different from other purifiers in the market.


  • STORAGE:  It's worth noticing that this smart purifier stores up to 7 Litres of water which is considered to be sufficient for the daily household chores.
  • Penta Purification: There are 5 stages, namely PPC, RO, PAC, and UV Sterilization, passing through which the poured water is being purified by this purifier. The purified water stored after purification is claimed to be 99.99% pure by the Xiaomi.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: This smart filter is fitted with 2 TDS sensors which help in assessing the TDS levels in the water. The first TDS sensor is fitted right before the RO filtration stage, while the other one is there at the place where water has been completely purified. After collecting the data of TDS levels by the 2 sensors, the data is sent to Mi Home app which can be downloaded both from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Platform Compatibility: This smart filter can be seamlessly connected to both the Android and iOS platforms, thus providing convenience to the users. The TDS Levels data can easily be checked through Mi Home app's easy-to-interact interface.
  • No Technician Intervention: The filters can easily be changed by anyone at home within 30 seconds without taking any help from the technician, which saves time in turn and also the money being charged by them. 
  • Weight: Worth noticing point is that its weight is 6.7kg. 


For the social well-being, I would suggest everybody to go for this Smart Filter as it provides various features like DIY technology, Real-Time monitoring of TDS levels in the water, Penta Purification and much more. Moreover, considering the plethora of such insane features equipped in this smart filter, it would just cost one 11,999 rupees. 


This Smart Water Purifier will be hogged on to its first sale on September 29, 2019, only on Flipkart.  


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